Introducing TAM

TAM our truly amazing machine

Happy to serve you 24/7


Pharmaself24 Colinton Mains Pharmacy

The Pharmaself24 ( we call ours TAM) is our automated prescription-collection system that lets you pick up your medicines whenever it is most convenient for you, anytime day or night – you no longer have to queue, take time out of work to collect your prescription or suffer a wasted journey because your medicines are not ready.

It is the simple and secure way to collect your prescriptions conveniently.

Step One ... register your interest

Sign up to use TAM in store or register online 

Step Two ... Order your prescription as normal

Order your prescription through your GP as normal and we will collect it on your behalf.  Please try to order  your medications at least four days before you run out.

Step Three ... get your Pincode

No more waiting for your prescription to be prepared, or wasted journeys to find that your order is not yet complete.

TAM will text a unique six-digit PIN number to you to let you know your order is ready and available to collect.

Step Four ... visit TAM and put in your code

TAM will be happy to see you at a time that best suits you, day or night. Enter your PIN number onto TAM’s touchscreen.

Step Five ... collect your prescription

Your bagged prescription will drop into the drawer for you to collect.