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Pharmacy Services at Colinton Mains Pharmacy

Pharmacy First (Minor Ailments)

Pharmacy is a gateway to NHS services. We can help and advise you on many conditions but we are also able to signpost you to the most suitable healthcare professional when this is required. For exampl...

24/7 prescription collection

24/7 Prescription Collection

Prescription Collection at your convenience

  Are you a night owl or early bird? Are we closed when you need to pick up your prescription? Not any more!   ...

free delivery

Free Delivery

Free delivery for our housebound customers

  At Colinton Mains Pharmacy we want our customers to feel supported and we know that due to illness and other individual circumstances tha...

palliative care edinburgh

Palliative Care Pharmacy

We are proud to be one of only 8 Palliative Care Pharmacies in Lothian. Our pharmacist undertakes regular training with the local Marie Curie Pharmacist. We stock Palliative Care dr...

phone consultations edinburgh

Phone Consultations

If you are looking to get some advice from a pharmacist then look no further than our pharmacy. We can offer both in-store and phone consultations in Edinburgh. This service is here to provide the peo...

gluten free food service edinburgh

Gluten-Free Prescribing

Here at Colinton Mains Pharmacy we are passionate about helping our community live healthy and happy lives! If you have recently been diagnosed with Coeliac disease you can now register with with our ...

emergency contraception edinburgh

Emergency Contraception

Emergency Hormonal Contraception

  No appointments needed, easily accessible location and just a quick consultation. We provide emergency contraception in Edinburgh.   We ...

urinary tract infection edinburgh

UTI Treatment

What is a UTI?

  UTIs are an infection of the urinary tract or bladder causing pain and inflammation. It is also commonly known as a water infection, bladder infection or Cystitis. W...

impetigo treatment edinburgh

Impetigo Treatment

What is Impetigo?

  Impetigo is a common and highly contagious skin infection that causes sores and blisters. It’s not usually serious and often improves within a week of treatment...

conjunctivitis treatment edinburgh


What is Conjunctivitis?

  Conjunctivitis (eye infection) is a common condition that causes redness and inflammation of the thin layer of tissue that covers the front of the eye (the ...

stop smoking service edinburgh

Stop Smoking Service

Stop Smoking: Quit Your Way

  We all know smoking is very harmful to our health but giving up can be hard. But you can stop smoking with Colinton Mains Pharmacy’s Stop Smoking Serv...

inhaler technique edinburgh

Inhaler Technique

Using the right inhaler technique, whether it’s your preventer or your reliever inhaler, helps you breathe the medicine straight into your lungs. You’re less likely to get side effects when you ar...

blood pressure edinburgh

Blood Pressure

If left untreated, high blood pressure can lead to heart problems and strokes as well as cause damage to other vital organs. Therefore, it's crucial to be aware of the risks and to take action to redu...

medicine care review edinburgh

Medicine Care Review

A Medicine Care Review (MCR) aims to help you better understand the medicines you take, how they work and what they do. This is a free service, funded by the NHS, which involves having a private consu...

treat head lice edinburgh

Head Lice

All about Head Lice

  Head lice are tiny insects that live in our hair. An infestation of head lice most often affects children and usually results from the direct transfer of lice f...

acne treatment edinburgh

Acne Treatment

About Acne Treatment

  Acne is very common, and because it varies in severity from person to person, there are lots of different ways to treat it. We want to help you get your confid...

blister pack service edinburgh

Blister Packs

Do you struggle to organise medications and find it difficult to remember to take them at the correct time each day? Not to worry, we provide a Blister Pack Service in Edinburgh. When you are manag...

flu vaccine edinburgh

Flu Vaccine Service

This year, getting the flu vaccine is more important than ever, that is why we are providing the flu vaccination service in Edinburgh. We offer Private and NHS flu vaccines at Colinton Mains Pharmacy,...